Fundamentals in Home Health

An Instructor-Led Online Learning Course

Fundamentals in Home Health is an online course that has been written, designed and developed by home health nurses. There are two unique ways to take the course: Facilitated and Independent Study (non-facilitated). The Facilitated Course will have two weekly conference calls led by a home health care professional, and will last 4 weeks. The Independent Study Course will allow the user to complete the course at their own pace. Both Courses will complement and enhance a home health agency's orientation process. Continuing education credits will be granted upon completion.

Prerequisite: You must be a Registered Nurse

Divided into four dynamic modules:

  • Module 1 - Introduction and History
  • Module 2 - Planning the Home Visit
  • Module 3 - Making a Home Visit
  • Module 4 - Clinical Application

Fundamentals in Home Health will provide the home care RN with tools to use in planning a home health care visit. Actual case scenarios are used throughout to challenge critical thinking in preparing the health professional for his or her work in home health. Each unit contains objectives, a self test, content and assignments to be read with responses posted to the discussion board.

The course is designed to work in conjunction with the home care agency to transition RNs with experience in other settings into the home health environment. The course is also effective for RNs who desire a refresher in home health nursing. The course is expected to take anywhere between 2-10 weeks to complete depending on which format of the courses the student chooses to take.

To participate, the home care agency must:

  • Assign an on-site Preceptor (mentor) who will assist the student in accessing required agency materials and sign off on the student competencies. The mentor is responsible for connecting with their participant(s) weekly and provide written feedback, as well as final plan of action for continued learning at the end of the course. The mentor's time commitment is 2-3 hours per week;
  • Provide on-site computer technical support, and
  • Make available text books, policies and procedures, home health care reference books and articles.

The Student and Preceptor must have competency in word processing; e-mail (sending and accessing attachments); conducting world-wide-web search; use of discussion groups; use of online quiz and exam tools; and the ability to upload and download documents. Students will be required to complete the Blackboard Orientation at the Blackboard Student Orientation Center. CLICK HERE to complete this orientation.

The Fundamentals in Home Health course is offered in two formats. Choose which one best suits your needs:

  1. Four week Instructor Facilitated online course: Will require participation on a scheduled teleconference/webinar with the instruction on Tuesday and Thursday each week at 2:00 pm MT. Each participant will be expected to participate at least 2 days a week for approximately 3 hours per day to complete the content, readings, and tests/assignments. This is a total of 28 hours in the 4 weeks course. This is an accelerated program that will allow the student to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the content in a shorter amount of time.
  2. Independent Study online course: Allows for an independent learning process. The instructor will have office hours available and the participant will not be obligated to participate in the weekly conference calls. This course can be done independently within 2-10 week time-frame and will require 24-28 hours to complete the content, readings, tests and assignments. This format offers more flexibility for nurses that may already be in various stages of orientation, and may be more useful for some learners that do not require the group learning.

Course Objectives

  1. To give a historical background on home health with economical, social and political factors that have influenced the home care industry.
  2. To provide background information dealing with financial aspects, patients' rights, rules and regulations and responsibilities of the care manager.
  3. To provide the information about patient assessment, education, advocacy, team management, patient safety, infection control and documentation. These are skills and knowledge that the nurse must know and apply when making home visits.
  4. Conduct a home visit where the nurse transfers known knowledge and skills to apply them in the home setting. It is especially geared toward successful completion of a home visit that requires an OASIS evaluation. Please work with your Mentor to choose a patient for a home visit and complete the OASIS "open" visit. Complete your competency checklist.

Books Needed for Course

  • Marrelli, T. (2011). Handbook of Home Health Standards: Quality, Documentation, Reimbursement and
  • Rice, Robyn (2006). Home Care Nursing Practice: Concepts and Application

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