For the 2017 Member Benefit Year
Online Training Benefits Now Available

The Oregon Association for Home Care (OAHC) announces an exciting benefit for members only!  For 2017 members only, e-learning provides quality training to your home health care aides, LPNs, and RNs.  This comprehensive group of online training courses was designed specifically for the home health care and hospice industries. Each course features fully-interactive curriculum created by the Department of Continuing Education and Workforce Development at Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC).  The RCTCLEARN.NET program offers you convenience because the courses can be taken anytime, anywhere.  Each RCTCLEARN.NET course features printed certificates, links to further information, and quizzes.


Great for new employee orientation and for home health aide CMS mandatory annual education requirement satisfaction!

Who: All employees of Oregon Association for Home Care member agencies.

What: RCTCLearn.Net, an online training service with a large and expanding number of home care training modules including home health and hospice education

Where: Click on the RCTCLearn.Net link on the home page of the OAHC website.

Why: OAHC believes that all members should have access to quality, up-to-date and affordable training information for their employees.

When: This new benefit is available now for the 2017 member benefit year.

How: Interested members must contact OAHC ( or (503) 364-2733) to request their FREE User ID.

All members are eligible to receive RCTCLearn.Net User IDs absolutely FREE. Each agency member employee will be assigned a User ID (i.e. Username & Password) that will enable them to view as many online training modules as often as they want.

Non-Member access TBD.

Brandy Sweet is the RCTCLearn.Net OAHC Training Coordinator. All interested agencies must contact Brandy ( or (503) 364-2733) at the OAHC office to request their User ID. Requesting agencies will be assigned their unique User ID. Please only request a User ID if your agency plans to use it.

IMPORTANT: Each agency identifies an internal RCTCLearn.Net "Agency" Training Coordinator. The Agency TC is the student's first point of contact. The Agency TC will distribute and manage all User IDs for all agency employees that will be using RCTCLearn.Net.

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