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OAHC has chosen to partner with multiple vendors authorized by CMS to offer providers assistance with the new Home Health Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HHCAHPS). OAHC Members will receive a discount not available in the open market with these vendors. Each discount and service model is different so we recommend that you do your research and determine which program best fits your agency's needs. We hope that this additional work we've done to highlight some of the top patient survey programs in the market will make your selection process more manageable.

Additional Membership Resources on Patient Satisfaction:

Nursing: A Key to Patient Satisfaction (RWJF)

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requested that OAHC post a reminder to home health agencies that CAHPS requirements must be met during 2010 in order to receive a full market basket update in 2012. Meeting CAHPS requirements entails selecting a CMS approved vendor to conduct patient perception of care surveys, completing testing with that vendor during the 3rd quarter of 2010, and conducting formal patient surveys by the 4th quarter of 2010. Certain small agencies are exempted from CAHPS. Details about the survey instrument and process, CMS approved vendors, and the exception process can be found at the web site link below:

For all Medicare-Certified Home Health Agencies: HHCAHPS Requirements
Have you heard about HHCAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Health of Healthcare Providers and Systems) but need to know more about how to start it?  Go to www.homehealthcahps.org  to learn all about it.  If you are a very small HHA with less than 60 HHCAHPS eligible patients annually, by June 16, 2010, you will need to submit the Exemption Form on https://homehealthcahps.org/ForHHAs/ParticipationExemptionRequestForm.aspx with your patient count.  If you have 60 or more HHCAHPS eligible patients annually, then you will need to do a dry run in the third quarter 2010 (July, August, and/or September), and you need to contract with an HHCAHPS survey vendor listed on www.homehealthcahps.org.  







Tips for Improving HHCAHPS Results (11/11/10) 

HH-CAHPS Timeline for Compliance & Dry Run Requirement - Q3 2010

OAHC Announces Partnership with DEYTA - Satisfaction Experts

OAHC Partnership Details - Members receive 10% discount off annual flat fee.

Tips on Choosing a HH CAHPS Vendor

CMS Final Rule Changes for HH CAHPS


DEYTA - Report Samples - Home Health

DEYTA will also offer discount pricing for Hospice members!

Hospice Bereavement Satisfaction Report Samples

Hospice Family Satisfaction Report Samples





Introductory Partnership Announcement - Including Provider Deliverables & Fees

Sample Fazzi Patient Satisfaction Reports

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