Oregon Legislature

2023 DC Trip
Pictured (left to right): OAHC Membership Services Coordinator, Brandy Sweet;  OAHC Board Member, Shaune Mattsson; & OAHC President-Elect and Regulatory & Legislative Affairs Committee Chair, Holli Holland


Federal Issues

FY2024 HH Payment Proposed Rule
Proposed Rule | Model Comment Letter | Model Comment Letter (Abbreviated)  | Hospice Provisions Comment Outline | Submit Comments (due 8/29/23)
FY2024 Hospice Payment Final Rule
Final Rule 



To contact state House and Senate members write to:

Oregon State Capitol
c/o Your Legislator
900 Court St. NE
Salem, OR 97310

Oregon State Governor
Secretary of State
Oregon State Library
Oregon Online
Oregon State Legislature
Oregon Administrative Rules
Oregon Revised Statutes
Library of Congress

Tell It To Congress - Legislative Action Network


Congressional Contact Information:

Senator Ron Wyden (D)

Washington DC Office
Phone: 202-225-5244
Fax: 202-228-2717

Health Care Staff: Shawn BishopKevin Wu


Portland Office
Phone: 503-326-7525  
LaGrande Office
Phone: 541-962-7691     
Bend Office
Phone: 541-330-9142
Eugene Office
Phone: 541-431-0229
Medford Office
Phone: 541-858-5122
Salem Office
Phone: 503-589-4555

Senator Jeff Merkley (D)

Washington DC Office
Phone: 202-224-3753
Fax: 202-228-3997
Health Care Staff: Elvia Montoya


Salem Office
Phone: 503-362-8102
Bend Office
Phone: 541-318-1298
Medford Office
Phone: 541-608-9102
Portland Office
Phone: 503-326-3386
Eugene Office
Phone: 541-465-6750
Baker City Office
Phone: 541-278-1129

Congresswoman District 1
Suzanne Bonamici (D)

Washington DC Office
Phone 202-225-0855
Fax: 202-225-9497
Health Care Staff: Josh Izaak


Beaverton Office
Phone: 503-469-6010
Fax: 503-469-6018


Congressman Cliff Bentz (R)
District 2

Washington DC Office
Phone: 202-225-6730
Fax: 202-225-5774
Health Care Staff: Michael Kraan


Medford Office
Phone: 541-776-4646
Fax: 541-776-0204

Ontario Office
Phone: 541-709-2040



Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D)
District 3

Washington DC Office
Phone: 202-225-4811
Fax: 202-225-8941
Health Care Staff: Asha Samuel


Portland Office
Phone: 503-231-2300


Congresswoman Val Hoyle (D)
District 4

Washington DC Office
Phone: 202-225-6416
Health Care Staff: Sofia Mondragon


Eugene Office
Phone: 541-465-6732

Congresswoman Lori Chavez-DeRemer (R)
District 5

Washington DC Office
Phone: 202-225-5711
Health Care Staff: Francisco Floref-Pourrant


Redmond Office
Phone: 971-403-8940

Oregon City Office
Phone: 503-387-8651



Congresswoman Andrea Salinas (D)
District 6

Washington DC Office
Phone: 202-225-5643
Health Care Staff: 


Salem Office
Phone: 503-385-0906
Tualatin Office
Phone: 503-385-0906