With the delay placed upon OASIS E implementation, many agencies are expressing relief as there is one less thing to try to address in the middle of a public health emergency and its aftermath. Since significant changes to OASIS are not expected in the meantime, it can be very tempting to assume that data collection should run smoothly and training would not be a priority.

Interactions with agencies reveal there continues to be a higher than expected number of corrections that have to be made to get a “clean” OASIS. The expenses associated with the review process - both in time and money - consume resources that could be used to address patient care needs. The solution is driven by clinicians collecting data correctly at each OASIS time point.

RCTCLEARN.NET remains committed to providing OASIS education that is high quality, convenient to use, and cost effective. Interactive knowledge assessments allow agencies to confirm engagement and select appropriate remediation as indicated. RCTCLEARN.NET is actively preparing for OASIS E and will provide updates as the implementation date approaches.

RCTCLEARN’s OASIS D1 series consists of 10 comprehensive Online Modules as well as a 22 minute OASIS D1 Webinar that provides an update on the things you NEED to know now about the upcoming changes.  With the emphasis on the following items, the modules can also help get people ready for PDGM:

•M1800: Grooming
•M1810: Current ability to dress upper
•M1820: Current ability to dress lower
•M1830: Bathing
•M1840: Toilet Transferring
•M1850: Transferring
•M1860: Ambulation/Locomotion
•M1033: Risk of Hospitalization

Pricing & Ordering

Individual Packages
All 10 modules - $499

Agency Packages
10 or less User IDs - $849
50 or less User IDs - $1,349
200 or less User IDs - $1,649
Unlimited user IDs - $1,699 

More information, including an online demo and pricing, can be found at: www.rctclearn.net/oasis