Home Health Care FAQs

Ensuring Quality Home Care

State and federal guidelines along with volunteer accreditations provide a safety net for people who utilize home health and hospice services.

Defining Home Care

Home care is a vital and increasingly important part of the long term care system for people who are living longer and who want the ability to remain in their home during recovery from illnesses.

Home Care's Role in the Health Care System

Home care can be as extensive as skilled nursing care to monitor a person's activities of daily living. Many payment options are available for people who choose home care and affords access to a multitude of providers and services.

Checklist for Choosing a Home Health Agency

There are many considerations one should make when selecting a home health care agency. Here are some questions to consider asking.

Medicare & Home Health Care

Learn what Medicare covers under the Home Health Part A benefit.

Medicare & Hospice Care

Learn what Medicare covers under the Hospice Part A benefit. 

How Home Care Started

Home care has been an American tradition for more than a century.